A  A  R  O  N     J  A  C  K  S  O  N

"Mr. Jackson possesses the rare combination of the ability to relate to students on their level while at the same time maintaining discipline. The students describe him as being "cool" and "awesome", but they also behave perfectly for him and always follow his direction. His appeal is so strong that his classes have become a motivational tool."
"Astounding, entertaining, engaging and refreshing; Aaron Jackson delivers a message that combines life experiences, difficult choices and unlimited successes at a level that leaves students aware of life's choices that are always present.

Aaron's energy level is contagious and students find themselves captivated by the unordinary man, with the extra ordinary message. Listening to a message that is personal, profound and honest; children are able to interact and ask Aaron questions both of which, Aaron answers and responds to with an authentic dose of reality!"
"Getting teenagers interested in teaching their peers a positive life changing message may sound like the newest plot line for Mission impossible. But Aaron Jackson and his production of "Dangerous Curves" not only accomplished this within one rehearsal but he also made them passionate about it."

"Your impact is not just seen with my students, but also felt by myself. In those two days, I was able to see my students tap into the energy that is theatre, and that re-energized me as an educator because I saw the joy in their faces. It reaffirmed why I decided to focus my time, money and effort into helping my students' experience what theatre has to offer, when they otherwise would never have the opportunity."
"Each year presents its challenges, and I am always amazed at your ability to make the show seem flawless. Your ability to maintain a high level of energy throughout the weekend is a credit to your work. You have a natural ability to interact with the athletes and make their experience a very special one."
High School Students

“I know you will never know how much you helped me and I will never be able to thank our Lord enough for YOU being brought here. I think God meant for me to go to both sessions the one at Warrior Run and the church session. All I can say is thank you for helping me and others by sharing your life with us and I am sorry all I could do is hug you I am sure you know and understand why. Thanks Aaron sooooooooooo much!!!!!�

�I just wanted to tell you thank you, personally, for coming and talking to us. I have a pretty bad background with bullying, being a bully, friends, family, and relationships. You were so inspiring. I was sitting right in the front row during your first speech, if you remember me. As you could see, I am not the smallest, tallest, or prettiest in the bunch. I get told about it every day. Believe it or not, the girl sitting next to me was the cause of self-harm and extreme depression in 8th grade. I am telling you this because today, after your speech, she looked at me with tears in her eyes, wrapped her arms around me, and told me how sorry she was for telling me the things she did and how sorry she was for what she said. She told me that I am beautiful from the inside and I was an amazing girl for being able to forgive her. I wanted to thank you again. It is people like you that reach me, and her to do better. Thank you very much Mr. Jackson You truly are a motivation.�