A  A  R  O  N     J  A  C  K  S  O  N

Speak Carefully...You can't take them back!

Aaron has been a motivational speaker for 18 years. Through his Dangerous Words Program, Aaron offers keynote presentations for students, teachers, parents and the community at large. His primary focus is helping students from Elementary School through College make positive choices in their lives. Aaron's school wide anti-bullying assemblies are for all ages catered to the specific needs of your students. He promotes kindness, communication, cooperation, and friendship, stressing empathy and conflict resolution. We hear time and time again by principals and teachers that his anti-bullying assemblies & programs are the best they have ever had. Through his dynamic style of teaching, Aaron engages his audience leaving them inspired to make positive choices. Students leave with a desire to make a difference.

Asemblies for all Ages
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High School Assembly
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