A  A  R  O  N     J  A  C  K  S  O  N

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Hollywood actor, AARON JACKSON starred in an NBC TV series, numerous movies, commercials and has performed in many theatrical productions around the world. Aaron is also a Motivational Speaker. He travels the country inspiring students of all ages to make positive life choices. He is passionate in teaching kids about Bullying and the power of their words, through his Dangerous Words Program. He also offers an Acting Program that teaches students the dangers of drinking and driving with his Dangerous Curves program. Aaron’s innovative approach allows his students to become part of the message, making it more meaningful and motivational whether they are watching the presentation or have a role in it. 
~Riverdale High School
"Astounding, entertaining, engaging and refreshing; Aaron Jackson delivers a message that combines life experiences, difficult choices and unlimited successes at a level that leaves students aware of life's choices that are always present. Having spent time listening and interacting with Aaron Jackson, it is my pleasure to recommend Aaron as a guest, motivational speaker for your school's students."